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Dotsure George Arts Theatre

Dotsure George Arts Theatre

The Dotsure George Arts Theatre invites visitors and locals to experience the vibrant array of shows and performances it hosts throughout the year. As a Non-Profit Organisation, the theatre relies on community support to continue bringing the magic of live theatre to life. Here, the public can explore their passion for theatre or even host their own spectacular shows. From dance performances and traditional plays to pantomimes and comedy, the Dotsure George Arts Theatre offers something for everyone.

The George Society of Arts, established in 1948 under the inspiration of Mrs. Mary Heunis, has a rich history of fostering the performing arts. Initially staging productions in the Old Town Hall, the Society began with modest resources, utilizing basic municipal backdrops. The involvement of Peter Painter in 1958 marked a turning point, as he brought increased ambition and the creation of custom scenery for each play.

With the dedication of its members and the support of the George community, the Society transformed an old café into the original "Arts Theatre" in 1962, seating just under 100 people. This intimate venue laid the foundation for the thriving theatre scene in George. In 1969, the Society proudly opened its own theatre, becoming the only amateur group in the Republic to do so. This new Arts Theatre has been a cornerstone of the community ever since.

In addition to hosting a wide range of shows, the Dotsure George Arts Theatre offers costume hire services. Visitors can stop by Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, to find the perfect costume for any occasion.

Visit the Dosture George Arts Theatre to enjoy captivating performances and become part of a community that celebrates and supports the arts.


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