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Crouse Art

Welcome to Crouse Art Gallery.

For the discerning art lover Crouse Art facilitates an entirely new experience in the acquisition of fine works of art.  Should you wish to view selected pieces in the comfort of your home, or in your office; Crouse Art will arrange that you are visited by an experienced art dealer, who will expedite the viewing and/or purchase of said pieces.  This unique service is available throughout South Africa.

We at Crouse Art deal exclusively in original South African Art, specifically in investment art.  We offer works by variety of renowned artist like Anton Benzon, Diane Erasmus, Christiaan Nice, Este Mostert and many more.  As we deal solely in exclusive works, we also undertake at any time to exchange any painting originally bought from us.  All paintings brought through us are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as proof of its value.  We will assist you in every possible way with your purchase.  We offer various payment arrangements, and will gladly give you our professional advice in South Africa and abroad.


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Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre, George, 6530
Phone 2

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