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10 Oxes

The essence of 10 Oxes lies in heritage. A heritage that’s deeply rooted in the heart of every bottle of 10 Oxes gin. It is a legacy of strength, bravery and courage.

The year was 1880, and Andries Barnard was looking for his ten oxen in the vicinity of Platberg while they went to graze. The family was working wood in the area, to which the oxen played an integral part. Andries found the oxen grazing near the Geelhoutboom River, in the midst of the yellowwood and blackwood forests. It is at this site where the Barnards worked the lands, and with the help of the mighty ten oxen, made a living and established their estate, Waboomskraal.

The ten oxes, Tottie, Shortie, Regter, Roos, Skulder, Matroos, Toldraai, Lap, Dapper and Stap left behind a legacy of courage, and with their strength and the Barnard’s perseverance Waboomskraal was discovered and developed.


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