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10 Oxes

Step into the rich history and exquisite flavours of 10 Oxes in George, South Africa. Named in honour of the legendary ten oxen that roamed the plains of Waboomskraal, the farm distillery offers more than just a taste of the past—it's a journey through time and tradition. Visitors can join Dean and Carla for a delightful gin tasting experience, where each sip tells a story of courage and perseverance. The award-winning gin is meticulously crafted, taking three months from fruit to bottle, ensuring every drop is infused with the essence of Waboomskraal. As guests indulge in the handcrafted spirits, they'll feel the spirit of Tottie, Shortie, Regter, and the rest of the mighty oxen who left behind a legacy of strength and determination. Located at OppiePlaas venue, just outside of George, visitors can discover the taste of true craftsmanship at 10 Oxes Gin.


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Oppie Plaas, George, 6529
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