Get your heart racing this Winter

Needing a mental break this June-July? George has plenty of adventure to get your heart racing.


The Wilderness area is filled with adventure activities. On a sunny Winter’s day, canoe along the serene Touw River or kayak along the Kaaimans River to the waterfall gorge. Quad bike through untamed landscapes. Enjoy a round of paintball with your mates and do a dry canyon abseil tour. Go professional rock climbing. Mountain bike, trail run or hike spectacular scenery covering over 1,000km of trails. Fly from the seat of a helicopter.

Featured: Canoeing in the Garden Route National Park

Featured: Paragliding in Wilderness

Go paragliding. Tandem flying is fun and easy – experienced flight instructors assist you through this unforgettable experience. Sites include Kleinkrantz, the Wilderness Beach Hotel, Paradise Ridge and Map of Africa. There is nothing quite like soaring through the playground in the sky with the sparkling sea at your feet.

Featured: Horse riding in Wilderness

Guided horse trail riding will take you through Indigenous forest, mountain trails and rockpools with occasional wildlife sightings. Beginner to advanced riders are welcome.

Featured: Surfing at Victoria Bay in George

And if you a very brave. And we mean brave. Book a few lessons and learn to surf. George is famous for its right-hand break at Vic Bay and there are few things more thrilling than speeding through the waves. And our sea water is much, much warmer than Cape Town. We’re fortunate to have the Indian Ocean on our shores.


George isn’t known for its night life but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have trendy places for young people to hang out at. Make sure to breakfast under the bohemian umbrellas at the Pottery, grab a beer and burger at the Bench, eat pizza and mingle at Cactus and visit the Bling Pig and Bootlegger Brewery in Wilderness. There is also a chilled Friday night market at the Milkwood Village.

Featured: The Bench in George


George has very mild winters with plenty of sun days. Take advantage of the weather by packing a picnic and enjoying the great outdoors. The Wilderness Picnic Company can hook you up with a basket of delicious spoils. Picnic at spots like the Woodville Big Tree, on the grass at Herolds Bay or Victoria Bay beaches, Island Lake, inside the Garden Route National park, along the Kaaimans River or at the Wilderness lagoon.

Featured: The Woodville Big Tree in Wilderness