George Municipal area is an affordable tourism destination

These activities will give you bang for your buck

It’s Week 2 of National Tourism Month and this week the spotlight is on affordability.

Affordability relates to the extent to which tourists view a destination as a place with reasonably priced primary and additional tourism goods and services, relative to the tourist’s financial means. The concept relates to things such as affordable accommodation, entrance fees, public transport, restaurants, free tourist information and shops that sell goods with modest price tags.

After a harsh year battling the coronavirus, many of us are in need of a reviving break to recover our zing. The good news is that you don’t have to break your piggy bank to go on an extraordinary adventure. The Garden Route offers myriads of inexpensive activities and experiences – with many of them being completely free! – to help you escape from the toil and drudgery.

Featured Image: Uniondale Tuk-Tuk

Take for example Uniondale’s quaint, bright yellow Tuk-Tuk, aptly named Toekie. With room for four passengers to be comfortably seated, you’ll mosey through town while local guide Dirkie Coetzee will enlighten you on everything local – from the town’s interesting history involving the Anglo-Boer War, ghost legends and well-preserved buildings to its culinary delights and other paraphernalia. It’s a two-hour tour and excellent value for money.

Featured Image: Happy Valley Kids Play Centre

Treat your kids with a visit to the Happy Valley Kid’s Play Centre in George. It’s a children’s paradise where your little ones can jump and climb, swing and run to their hearts’ content. Every offering is well below R100 – from the inexpensive child-friendly munchies on the menu, to 90 minutes of fun and games, to attending one of their exciting cooking classes for the next generation of chefs.

Featured Image: Montagu Pass

A trip up the historic Montagu Pass, which is a giveaway treat in and of itself, will lead you to the remote and unique little winery of Herold Wines on the sunny north-facing slope of Cradock Peak. It was established in 1999 and made quite a name for itself with its superb wines. Visit them for cellar tours, wine tastings and delightful lunches. Affordable accommodation is available in the form of renovated worker cottages.

Featured Image: Wilderness Art Meander

Explore the Wilderness Art Meander for soul rejuvenating fuel. The route contains 24 art venues and meanders in and out through this picturesque coastal village, known as an artist’s haven. It’s a brilliant symbiosis between hotels, businesses and restaurants who joined forces with local artists by providing wall space for the latter’s creations. Grab yourself a copy of the homegrown monthly Wats-up on the Wild publication for a map of these venues and embark on an exciting adventure.

Featured Image: Victoria Bay

Who would say no to an idyllic day on the beach, inhaling fresh salt air, listening to the heart-warming shrieks of sea gulls and getting lost in the hypnotic drone of the waves? You won’t have to look too far afield to find the perfect beach to spend the day. Victoria Bay, Herolds Bay and  Wilderness Beach all have something unique to offer. For perfect surfing conditions, Vic Bay is your stop. The iconic Wilderness Beach is ideal for long, romantic strolls along the lapping waves and enjoys blue flag pilot status.

And if fishing, surfing, sunbathing and swimming are all on your wish list, Herolds Bay will bring you joy.

It has been said before that often the best things in life are for free and this is certainly true when it comes to Garden Route breaks. The spectacular George, Wilderness and Uniondale area are awaiting visitors and inhabitants alike with open arms. Health and safety are a priority with COVID-19 protocols firmly in place all over the region. Visit the George, Wilderness and Uniondale Tourism website at for even more ideas on affordable breathers.