The Evoking Art Festival: Shining a Spotlight on Emerging Young Artists

Whether you are an art-lover, a proud homeowner with wall space, a wannabe collector or an established art aficionado, the Evoking Art Festival is a date to diarise.

The art festival will involve an exhibition of up to 75 contemporary art works by 25 emerging young artists, as well as poetry readings, live music, and an exciting art auction. Evoking Art Festival 2021 will take place at the Timberlake Organic Village, in Wilderness, on the 24th of April.

Featured: Evoking Art

Evoking is the brainchild of Wilderness surfer and painter, Ingrid Nuss, who saw an undeniable opportunity to nurture fresh talent. The established artist describes the Garden Route as a creative hub ‘bursting with artistic potential’. “I love spotting raw talent,” Ingrid explains, “and the evoking festival was born as a stepping-stone to help young artists to break into the contemporary art world.”

Nuss curated the exhibition with four main criteria; she selected young artists with a strong visual aesthetic who display innovation and whose art is moving. She specifically chose to exhibit artists in their 20’s and 30’s, who have a fresh perspective, because she says these artists are all at that crucial point in their careers, ‘when they are at their most energized, excited, and brave’. “I want this energy to translate into the Evoking experience. I want viewers to look at this collection and be swept away,” says Nuss. The 25 artists in the Evoking collection share other commonalities. Each has his or her own unique style or medium and most of the artwork is, yet unseen. Evoking will be the exhibition debut for many of the artists, including Lesica Roux, Milena Favet and Lindie Calitz.

Exhibition Highlights

Children’s book illustrator, Lauren Sparks, produces playful watercolour illustrations of quirky characters. Evoking is a great opportunity to snatch up a print as an unusual nursery gift, or as a funky addition to a child’s bedroom. Surfer and free-style artist, Luke Vieira, is inspired by 1980’s street/skater pop art and artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. His artwork is coloured by his broad travel experience, including time spent in South Korea. Pick up one of his ultra-modern mash-up cartoon sketches, featuring bold drawing, pulsing colour and neon highlights. Lee Molenaar’s artwork explores the emotional impact of loss, gain and compromise in the face adjusting to a bewildering modern world. His art explores our roots in modern culture and the scary pace of change. In addition, Evoking will exhibit works by Harveen du Preez, Amy Anstey, Hermuné Pienaar, and others which expand upon the concept of poignant emotion.

Auction Highlights

The Evoking Auction will involve bidding on over 15 art works with auctioneer Adriaan Barnard.

Featured: Red Baloon by Houghmordeen Jansen

Young Houghmordeen Jansen, known locally as Holmes, grew up in the Smutsville Township, outside Sedgefield. He paints portraits of daily scenes from township life. His painting ‘Red Balloon’ will appear at auction. This mixed media painting is a raw depiction of the simplicity of his township childhood. It shows a small child totally absorbed in the pleasure of play. It carries a reserve price of R2000.

Featured: Reaching by Janet Botes

Janet Botes’ artwork entitled ‘Reaching’ depicts an outstretched hand. It symbolizes a personal pursuit of connection and elicits a deep yearning sensation. The mixed media work will appear at (reserve R2200).

Featured: “Imagination Station” by Ingrid Nuss

Ingrid Nuss will auction her painting ‘Imagination Station’. It depicts a content tiger reclining on a comfortable bed in an overgrown and empty room. This piece will appeal to creatives of all types as it represents the metaphorical space where creativity is stimulated. It is a visualization of how the artist’s ideas flourish in a calm space. The auction reserve will be set at R4000.

Featured: “Ecstatic Bliss” by Simon Gower

‘Ecstatic Bliss’ by Simon Gower represents a moment of pure joy and crystal clarity. The oil on canvas shows a strong tribal aesthetic and is painted in shades of yellow and honey. It has a reserve price of R7000.

Affordable Art

One of the main aims of the Evoking Art Festival is to connect fresh talent with art buyers. This fair is a fabulous hotspot from which to find rising stars and is an ideal place to snap up a future investment, without breaking the bank. Evoking places a strong emphasis on affordable art with prices ranging from only R200. Bidding on several artworks will start at only R20.

Festival Details

The festival kicks off with the art exhibition at 2pm followed by live music gigs by Khayelitsha based band Warongx, Cape Town based Altello and a line up packed with local musical talent such as Daytura, Electric Spinach, Shaun Galolo and Chris Auret. Live Poetry readings and an auction of select pieces will follow at 5,30pm. A full menu is available at Zucchini’s Restaurant. Coffee, cakes and light meals from Pause Coffee Roastery and kids can enjoy the open-air play areas and jungle gym.

Featured: Warongx Band

The event is free if you register online and VIP tickets are available from at a price of R500 which includes entry to the artists lounge and VIP area, along with complementary drinks and canapes, R200 auction credit and a limited-edition Evoking art print by Ingrid Nuss.

More information is available at Evoking