Lockdown Chow Down

After weeks of buying our own groceries, frugally planning our meals, cooking boring pots of pasta and tinned tuna fish that we bought during the pandemic panic, the novelty of cooking our own food at home has now worn off. Restrictions have begun to ease and restaurants are allowed to offer delivery services from May the 1st. The citizens of George, for those who can still afford it, are able to order takeaways and meals for home consumption.

Since the lockdown began on March 27th, many people have been dreaming of garlic scented, wood-fired, thin crust pizza and dribbling at the mere mention of a big juicy beef burger. We have been exchanging memories of the most succulent sushi and day-dreaming about the crunchiest saltiest chips. TAKEAWAY, the people of George are ready for you!

On a serious note, the local tourism industry has taken a massive hit during the lockdown, with many independent restaurants pushed to the brink of devastation. Kitchens have been closed, staff laid off or put on leave, and the once-buzzing food sector has virtually crumbled.

As a swathe of local bistros and diners gear up to reopen their kitchens, now is a great time to show support for our favourite local restaurants. With pubs and sit-down dining still prohibited, the weekly takeaway could become the highlight of our week. Several popular George restaurants are serving meals right to your door.

Ready to sell your first-born child for a tray of rainbow rolls with pungent wasabi and salty soy sauce? Never fear, Shan Sushi is here. Michael and Maggie will reopen the Shan Sushi kitchen for deliveries of sushi and Chinese food from the 1st of May. WhatsApp your orders to 072 359 3032 or check them out on Facebook.

Featured: 101 Meade Street is known for their elegant South African style meals.

Happy Chefs Ben and Jeremy Gibbs will reopen their contemporary kitchen at 101 Meade Street from Thursday the 7th of May. The Gibbs brothers are best known for celebrating heritage South African flavours, including roast bone marrow, game and aged beef. Couples can pack the kids off to bed and enjoy a romantic date night dinner at home. 101 Meade is preparing ‘portions perfect for two’ according to Chef Ben; including fragrant lamb curry, beef lasagne and pulled kudu shank with side dishes. Check out the menu at 101meade.co.za. Order and pay online before 2pm daily. Deliveries will arrive between 5pm and 6:30pm.

Featured: Scrumptious burgers from Meade Café

Do the kids deserve a treat? Have they made their beds and managed to get off YouTube? Meade Café will be mobile from Monday the 4th of May. Chef Isabel van Rooyen has been dreaming up a selection of fun family dining experiences to deliver right to your door. Check out their fantastic ‘Friday DIY Burger Box’. The pre-packed meal is designed for a family of four and includes pure beef patties and Portuguese rolls, with all the delicious condiments like fresh rocket, bacon jam and cheese sauce. Just grill your own patty and the kids can assemble their own dinner. Daily menu options are available. Send a message to 078 855 8246 and they will send you their up-to-date menu. Order and pay online at meadecafe.co.za and experience their no-contact delivery system. Chef Isabel is also offering Meade Café’s signature treats as ‘mini cakes’. Sample their dark chocolate cake with salted caramel and popcorn and let the kids to the dishes!

Featured: Delicious meals for home delivery from the Old Townhouse.

From Monday the 4th of May ‘Food on the Move’ will be cooking for you. Jan from the Old Townhouse restaurant is preparing a rotating weekly menu and delivering homemade meals to your doorstep. WhatsApp the ‘Food on the Move’ team on 083 659 2029 with your name and address to be added to the mailing list. They will be preparing hearty homemade pork belly, lamb casserole and chicken schnitzel with vegetables or salad and starch. Don’t forget to order Jan’s world famous homemade ice cream for dessert. Word has it that she is working on extra-large batches of dark chocolate and dark walnut ice cream, and scrumptious salted caramel, to meet the increased demand. See their Facebook page here.

Going potty for pizza? Dillon and Jos Marshall, the friendly folk from The Pottery pizzeria and garden café on York Street, have put together a lockdown delivery menu featuring the best of their wood-fired pizza range. Contact them on 072 944 2923 for menu details or check out their brand spanking new website.

Featured: Nina’s Café, usually packed with locals, is bringing tasty meals to our homes.

Have you been desperate for a burger? Tasha and Wern van der Watt from Nina’s Café on York Street will offer a weekly hunger-busting special burger delivery. Their famous burgers and chips include the ‘Bite of Hope’ with creamy jalapeno cheese sauce, the ‘King of Courtney’ with blue cheese, fig and biltong and ‘Beyond Flavour’ with creamy mushroom sauce. Burger and chip combos are R85 each plus a R30 delivery fee. Tasha says the delivery fee will go directly to Nina’s waitering staff, who have lost their income since lockdown. Check out their  Facebook page for full menu details and weekly specials. Place your orders on 060 994 1381 and don’t forget to order a slice of decadent homemade cheesecake for dessert!

Our top tips for lockdown delivery dining:

1. Plan ahead! Check out the relevant menus online. Investigate what days and times restaurants want their orders submitted by. Most independent restaurants are restricting orders to certain days, with a strict time limit.

2. Be patient! Most independent restaurants are experimenting with delivery options for the first time. They make food to order and are often delivering it from their own cars. The food might not arrive at the exact time intended.

3. Be generous! Please consider tipping delivery staff. Many local restaurants will use their wait staff to help with their deliveries. These waiters and waitresses have been out of work for weeks and have lost their tips. They might have to negotiate unknown streets, hungry neighbours and cranky security guards to get to you.